The Author

Animals? Birds? Stories? Drawing? Fruit? If there’s any of that (especially the fruit), then I’m hooked.

My name is Heather.

On this blog, you’ll find a collection of all my birding pictures (and a few miscellanious others) taken with my Canon PowerShot SX520 HS, a collaboration of my stories (mostly unfinished, unrefined ideas), and some random thoughts my brain.

Meet the Neighborhood


This is Libby, the one animal that’s been there every year of my life except one… always watching… whether it be from behind her eyelids, curled up in some blankets on my bed, or from the yard. She’s gone through a lot, this one, but she’s still going steady.

Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart, the first to wake up in the morning and start the dawn chorus, and the last to go to sleep at night, sometimes announcing his presence as late as midnight with his familiar “ri-ri-richard!” But he’s a good protector, always singing from his favorite spot, the tallest tree in a small strip of forest by the side of the house.

Adamine, Raymond's mate

This is Adamine, Raymond’s mate. She’s quite a curious little chipmunk, always scavaging under the bird feeder for rejected seeds while Raymond goes and gets the food straight from the source: the bag of bird seed.


Raymond, the spunky little chipmunk that likes to spend his days stuffing his cheeks with bird seed, albiet I do put a little bit at the corner of the step for him.

Titus the Gray Squirrel

Titus, a gray squirrel, who very well might be a she. And I also haven’t seen her in a while, making me guess that she became a very tasty snack for our Barred Owl pair (sadly). She is usually found hiding in her nest, located in an abandoned raccoon nest at the top of a dead sycamore, with Brutus guarding outside on a nearby branch.

The Barred Owl

The Barred Owl pair comes to the backyard every couple of days, hoping for something tasty to snatch up. Their roost still lies in an unknown location.

The Sweater Bird

“The Sweater Bird”, as my sister calls this Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker. He and his mate can be found rummaging around the neighbor’s pond or in the garden.

Mourning Doves

This is Revlon and Rachelle, visiting the site of their first clutch. This first one was raided by (probably) blue jays, as was the second one. So far their third is safe.

Flock of Eurasian Tree Sparrows

“The Flock”, comprised of at least twenty Eurasian Tree Sparrows, spends their time hoarding the feeders, like the good hobbits they are.


Chanook, a male House Finch. He and his mate, Cherry, had a nest a few years ago, but their nestlings were stolen by blue jays (probably).


Todd the Fox with his mate, Vixey. (Named after the foxes in Fox and the Hound.)